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Service of Legal Process
in the City of Glendale
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The Lead Investigator at 
PMC Professional Services
Paul Cazalet, P.I., has more
than 30 years of process
serving experience and has
been a full time
Licensed Detective since 1994!


We offer a wide
variety of

Process service in Glendale, CA ... 

Our Registered & Bonded 
Process Servers 
can serve your legal documents
across the State of California. 

Process Services in Glendale ca

We are Glendales
Best Skip Tracing Service!

Our Detectives utilize the 
most up-to-date database in 
the U.S., allowing us to locate 
defendants, witnesses, and other
individuals or information critical 
to your case.

Process Service in Glendale 91202

Document Procurement Services 
are available 
Monday through Friday and we will 
accept requests 7 days a week !


same day process server

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Glendale Process Service

Glendal Legal Services

All legal services such as 
Residential Site Verification 
are available with only several
hours notice, this service allows
our Clients to determine
property condition and occupancy.

Specialized Courier Services: 
We provide courier services to
medical and legal professionals, keeping the special 
needs of these clients in mind.



State of California
Licensed Private Investigator
St.Lic.# PI16819

Since 1994,
We have been providing Investigative and Legal Support Services to the
residents and businesses
in Glendale.

.Glendale Private Investigator

Private Investigator in Glendale, Ca


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